Our Learning Assistance Teachers; Vicky and Shivram, provide a comfortable and supportive environment for assessing students. The general purpose of the testing is to ensure each student is provided the necessary supports for success. Generally, testing is recommended by classroom teachers or is suggested after a file review. Files are always reviewed when a student arrives to our school in order to see if further testing is required or to take a closer look at previous testing. Families are also welcome to request testing if there are any concerns that have been noticed at home.

Kw'íyeqel Secondary provides a wide variety of programs and supports. Testing can assist with building a successful program for each student. Testing can also result in added supports for writing Ministry Exams and for accessing added supports after graduation.  Our Teachers warm demeanor and genuine caring for people makes for a very safe situation for students to try their best on the various tests. The tests are not graded for marks towards graduation, but rather are completed for ensuring the student has the necessary supports for success.