Mr. Shivram Raveendrabose

LA Teacher
ac.cb.33ds@esobardneevar_marvihs 604.792.9277

Ms. Christy Friess (A to L)

Indigenous Education Assistant
ac.cb.33ds@sseirf_enna-atsirhc 604.792.9277

Monique Bond (M to Z)

Indigenous Education Assistant
ac.cb.33ds@dnob_euqinom 604.792.9277

Mr. Michael Lands (A to L)

Child and Youth Care Worker
ac.cb.33ds@sdnal_leahcim 604.792.9277

Ms. Amanda Haan

Child and Youth Care Worker
ac.cb.33ds@naah_adnama 604.792.9277

Ms. Shawna Loewen

Grad Coach
ac.cb.33ds@neweol_anwahs 604.792.9277

Vicky Istace (A to J)

Learning Assistance Teacher
ac.cb.33ds@ecatsi_ykciv 604.792.9277

Ms. Willow Campanelli

WEX Facilitator
ac.cb.33ds@illenapmac_wolliw 604.792.9277

Ms. Keri-Lyn Hari

Career Advisor
ac.cb.33ds@irah_nyl-irek 604.792.9277