Outdoor Education is an experience-based learning program where students are engaged in activities designed for working collaboratively on hands-on activities within the classroom and beyond the school walls.

Resiliency and life skills are part of the daily learning.  Part of the program is designed with a focus on building self-esteem by working on real-life projects that give back to our school and community.

Place-Based Learning is another key part of the program as we strive to bring the learning experience beyond the classroom walls, giving learning opportunities throughout the community and the Fraser Valley as well as guest presentations brought into the classroom.

Adventure-style activities are an important part of the Outdoor Education Program as the activities are designed for team building and increasing the personal power that adventure promotes in individuals.  When someone believes they can, that belief plays a significant part in their success.  Engaging and embracing in healthy and safe-risk taking activities is an expectation of the program.

All students are expected to engage in outdoor activities regardless of the weather conditions.  Students will learn about the necessary equipment, clothing and safety procedures before experiencing the outdoor adventures.Bi-weekly field experiences throughout the year are scheduled in order to provide a wide variety of outdoor experiences.  


The following activities are examples of the field experiences for the Outdoor Education Class Hikes:  

  • Teapot, Mt. Cheam, Elk Mountain, Mount Finlayson (Victoria)
  • City Experiences:  Cycling Stanley Park Seawall, Crabbing in White Rock
  • Snow Shoeing:  Zoa Peak, Flat Iron, Coquihalla
  • Fishing:  Salmon Fishing on the Vedder River
  • Giving Back to our Community:  Building and repairing trails with Chilliwack Park Society and Skowkale Salmon Hatchery

Students can receive credit for the following courses in the Outdoor Education Program:

  • Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics 10 & 11
  • English 10 and Communications 11 & 12
  • Physical Education 10, 11, & 12
  • Outdoor Education 10, 11, & 12
  • Personal Project 10, 11 & 12
  • Planning 10/12
  • Independent Directed Studies
  • Film Studies 12
  • Health and Fitness 11 & 12
  • Health Services 11 & 12
  • Science and Technology 11

Teacher: bryce_orr@sd33.bc.ca

Educational Assistant: linda_harder@sd33.bc.ca