The Culinary Arts program offers hand-on experience gaining valuable life skills that will serve students throughout their lives. The program takes a holistic approach to the role food plays in our lives.

Students work collaboratively with others to create meal design, preparation, and planning. Emphasis is placed on learning cooking techniques and skills that can be applied in the students' home kitchens. Students learn about nutrition and the relationship of eating practices and mental and physical well-being.

Global food systems including the environmental, social, ethical, and economic impacts are analyzed and discussed. The program offers a variety of rich experiences in our local community to learn about food stewardship, sustainability, and culture. The Culinary Arts program endeavors to broaden students' understanding and appreciation of the relationship of food to the student as an individual and a global citizen.

To further support learning and career opportunities, students can complete the FOODSAFE course. The FOODSAFE program is a comprehensive food safety training program designed for the food service industry.

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